The Hungarian State Opera, the Hungarian National Ballet Institute, the Foundation for Ballet Students of the Hungarian State Opera, with the support of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, will organize a large-scale international event this summer.


Venue HQ: ActiCity | Veszprém

Accomodation and Leisure HQ: Hunguest Hotel BÁL Resort | Balatonalmádi


Veszprém | The City of Queens

The dearest oral tradition to our heart, that the city was the favorite residence of The Grand Prince Géza, of King Stephen I and his wife Gisela.  Veszprém reached the height of its popularity around the first millennium during the reign of the first royal couple. They established a bishopric, and with their support the St. Michael's Cathedral and the Nuns' Monastery of Veszprémvölgy, where, according to the legend, those vestment made that became the coronation mantle of the Hungarian kings. Gisela donated the embroidered garment to the church of Veszprém, which, according to the interpretation of the posterity, made the settlement to the “city of the queens," which was confirmed by law in 1216 as the bishop's coronation right.


Veszprém-Balaton will uniquely become a single experience region in 2023 as the European Capital of Culture. Visitors to the region will be able to bathe not only in Lake Balaton, but also in the rich cultural programme on offer.

The Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program series begun on the 21st of January 2023. With the beginning of the title year such period starts that opens new doors for the locals and tourists as well. Such doors that lead to our rich cultural treasures and virtues. To a rich heritage that arches over centuries, moreover millennia which can make every Hungarian proud.

On 21 January the year of European Capital of Culture began with a spectacular celebration in Veszprém. On the weekend of the opening ceremony visitors could take part in 50 fantastic cultural events in 13 locations. Besides the grandiose show a big variety of accompanying programmes of many art forms awaited those who visited Veszprém throughout the week.


source: ActiCity

ActiCity | Dance and Movement Centre

In 1904, a state-run children's shelter to serve the Central Transdanubia region was built in one year on the southwestern outskirts of Veszprém. Many locals remember it as the Heim Pál Children's Hospital, which it later became. The architectural designs were drawn up by Lajos Ybl, who, together with Győző Czigler, designed the buildings on a total of nine shelter sites built across the country. Each site is of unique value with its surroundings and created a unique identity in the city or district they were erected in. The Veszprém children's shelter was in operation until 1945. Between 1955 and 1995, the now more than a century-old compound was a children's hospital. Traces of the original designs, including the stone fence surrounding the site, the main gate, the greenery, the park surrounding the buildings, and the façade elements of the main building, are under local heritage protection and may still be seen despite numerous alterations and extensions.

In December 2018, when Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region jointly and successfully applied for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023, the buildings and property of the former Heim Pál Children's Hospital (with a total area of 13,657 sq.m.) had been vacant for 23 years. At that time, the Hungarian State owned the site, and the city had a history of failed development attempts. Winning the title of European Capital of Culture 2023 provided an opportunity to renew efforts to rejuvenate the property. The aim was to save the buildings and to create, in a single building and suitable conditions, a new permanent "home" for the movement arts associations and groups (classical ballet, folk dance, wall climbing) now scattered throughout the city.


source: Balatonalmádi Mayor's Office

source: Hunguest BÁL Resort

Balatonalmádi | one of the most beautiful towns at Lake Balaton

The unique, amphitheatre-like location of the town makes it special, the meeting of mountains and water gives it a special atmosphere, where the past is a living part of the present, the union of man and nature is palpable.

Despite the difficulties of recent years, the beauty and development of the town remain unchanged. It is constantly improving to provide its inhabitants with the necessary conditions for a balanced life, and to offer visitors teh possibility of complete physical and mental regeneration and unforgettable experiences.

Some of the many good ideas were: a nice "slow" festival, a city of colourful steps, an art fair, an expo, a thematic cycle path and a new exhibition space. Balatonalmádi's motto is that together everything is easier, and working together is more successful. That is why they plan to start joint projects with two neighbouring municipalities, Balatonfűzfő and Alsóörs. Both the summer and the winter urban events will keep in mind the VEB2023 EFF's approach to sustainability, environmental protection, community building and respect for tradition.

  • The building of the Monastery has a new look and, together with the Magtár, known together as the Kerényi Imre Kult-Magtár, and with the active participation of the Petőfi Theatre, welcome culture and art lovers with open doors all winter and all summer.
  • The Balatonalmádi Sports Centre has been built, the beaches are constantly renewed and apartments are available as quality waterfront accommodation.
  • Modern kindergartens and a new nursery school - housed in the Kánya villa, all offer an excellent education programme for the little ones.
  • New houses and apartments are being built all the time, and the population of the municipality is growing, as many families have recently chosen the town as their permanent home.
  • The Hunguest Hotel BÁL Resort has a new look, with a high quality restaurant, a bar with a magnificent view, a barbecue terrace and wellness facilities, for holidaymakers and residents alike. In addition to the beach, there are plenty of opportunities to spend your leisure time in a useful and pleasant way.
  • Sports lovers can take a ride on two wheels on the picturesque Balaton beach, go horseback riding or hiking, and enjoy water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, boating and fishing. Excellent tennis courts, exciting hiking trails and unique sights and cultural programmes await visitors.
  • In the framework of the Almádi Summer, you can enjoy local gastronomy at the main entrance of Wesselényi beach, where you can see excellent musicians and singers, or take to the skies and admire the area from the Ferris wheel.

For many, Balatonalmádi is a place of home and relaxation, where every day offers something new.

Visit us and be our returning guest any time of the year!