The Hungarian State Opera, the Hungarian National Ballet Institute, the Foundation for Ballet Students of the Hungarian State Opera, with the support of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, will organize a large-scale international event this summer.


Venue HQ: ActiCity | Veszprém

Accomodation and Leisure HQ: Hunguest Hotel BÁL Resort | Balatonalmádi



I would love to participate as a member of the public. How can I do that?
Day tickets will be available at the venue, and separate tickets for the gala evening will be available. Day tickets will be available for HUF 3000, while tickets for the gala event will be available for HUF 8000.

I am unsure about the amateur/professional category. How can I proceed to avoid a possible failure of my registration?
When selecting the professional/amateur category, please indicate the category you are interested in and we will indicate in our feedback if your application is successful but we recommend you to enter another category.

It would be good to arrive earlier/later than the competition timeframe. Is this possible?
Of course. The accommodation we provide is flexible and open to individual requests. Before/after 26-29 June, the Hunguest Hotel Bar Resort welcomes you with the same conditions for individual bookings.

We would like to have as many of you as possible in the same room. What are the possibilities?
Our official partner in Balatonalmadi offers rooms with 1 and 2 beds, connecting rooms and extra beds.

How do I get from the airport to the venue?
Thanks to our accommodation and our organizing team, direct shuttle buses are available for a fee from Budapest Airport and Balatonalmádi/Veszprém. Please let us know if you need this service.

I want to be with my child/student during the event. What do I need?
Accommodation, free on-site shuttle service, the opportunity to move around together at all ActiCity events, access to all the escorts, and food and rest points and facilities.

Getting to know Hungary. What additional cultural programmes and events will complement the competition?
The HBGP is a package of experiences where contemporary photography, design, literature and music are added to the local events of the Lake Balaton region, alongside dance culture. Our thematic programmes are just a few minutes' walk from the accommodation, complementing the leisure needs of all ages with the proximity to Lake Balaton.

I have a food intolerance. Will I be able to eat comfort food?
Both the accommodation and the location are prepared for this. You can let us know your requirements via the form interface.

I registered 7 students with a common link. However, the 7 students would also compete individually and in a duo.
You will be able to indicate this to us on the professional form from 1 May.

We are also interested in workshops. Which master will give a course and when, what are the details.
The workshops will be held in parallel during the competition (26-28 June) and will be led by world-renowned masters and masters who will also sit on the jury. Details of the topics and their schedules will be available on the website soon. All courses will be held in one of ActiCity's buildings.